Repair Extension Programs for Performa 52xx/53xx/62xx/63xx
products and PowerBook 5300 and PowerBook 190 products - Q&A

Q. What are Apple's Repair Extension Programs for desktop and PowerBook systems?

A. Apple is preparing to roll out two Repair Extension Programs -- one for certain PowerBook 5300 and 190 products and one for certain Power Macintosh and Performa 52xx/53xx/62xx/63xx products. Quality is a top priority at Apple, and these repair programs address certain quality issues that have surfaced with these products. Apple is putting these repair programs in place as part of the company's goal to provide a high level of customer satisfaction to its customers. All new products currently sold have the necessary modifications to avoid these quality issues and Apple has introduced a replacement product scheme with its resellers to remove sales stock inventory which may be affected.

Q. How can customers participate in these programs?

A. Apple expects to have information for customers soon. Meanwhile, if customers have questions about the program for desktop systems, they should talk to their Apple-authorized service provider or call their local Apple Assistance Center at the numbers listed below:

Austria: (0)660 6764
France: 33 (1)6929 2929
Belgium (Flemish): 0800 71394
Belgium (French): 0800 71395
Denmark: 800 17291
Finland: 0800 118083
Germany: (0) 180 350 018
Holland: 06022 1517
Ireland: 0800 506 650
Italy: 39 2 273 26 291
Switzerland: 0800 833 310
Luxembourg: 0800 2069
Norway: 800 11006
Sweden: 020-793016
Spain: 34 3 261 2297
UK: 44 (0)1753 615 998

Details of the programme are available from Apple Authorised Service Providers.

Q. What exactly is the Repair Extension Program for desktop systems?

A. Models included are:
- Power Macintosh 6200
- Macintosh Performa 5200,5300,6200 and 6300
- Macintosh PowerBook 5300 and 190

With the Power Macintosh and Performa 52xx/53xx/62xx/63xx systems, there are two key issues, which have been seen mostly in the United States. One issue is found on certain Power Macintosh 5200 and 5300 systems, and that is sudden or intermittent changes in the color hue of the monitor due to a particular cable. As appropriate, Apple will replace the cable. The other issue may be exhibited on any of these systems, and that is system freezes. The system freezes may be caused by known component problems on the logic board. The repair progam includes replacing the logic board, as appropriate, to correct the system freezes.

Q. What is the Repair Extension Program for PowerBooks?

A. The models for the PowerBook Repair Extension Program are 5300, 5300c, 5300ce, 5300cs, 190 and 190cs

The issues addressed are:

PowerBook 5300 and 190 products:
· The AC power connector some systems can become loose or inoperative.
· On some systems, the display bezel and housing can crack at the hinge.
PowerBook 5300 only:
· Some systems may exhibit problems when accessing a device in the media bay while using certain PC cards that draw higher levels of power.
· Some systems take a long time to boot when plugged into AC power.

The repair program includes updating the hardware, as appropriate to correct these specific issues. For systems repaired under this program, Apple is also taking the opportunity to update system software to Mac OS Version 7.5.2 with Enabler 1.2.1, as appropriate.

Q. What is a Repair Extension Program? Are you recalling these products?

A. A Repair Extension Program is one mechanism Apple uses to correct known quality issues that may be exhibited during or after the warranty period. With each of these two Repair Extension Programs, Apple has identified known hardware issues that the company will repair -- at its cost -- for as long as Apple services these products. In the United States, that is seven years after the company stops manufacturing the products. In some other countries, the timeframe is different. The products are not being recalled. Rather, Apple is committing that the company (or its representatives) will repair these specific products to correct these specific, known problems.

Q. Are there any safety issues with these products?

A. There are no safety issues with any of these products and the Repair Extension Programme is valid for the repairable life of the product which is seven years after Apple stops manufacturing the product.

Q. Is there a cost to customers?

A. The specific repairs outlined in this program will be at Apple's cost. Details of the program are available from Apple Authorized Service Providers.

Q. Are these worldwide programs?

A. These are worldwide programs, but it is important to note that the quality issues differ on a country by country basis.